About Natalie

Natalie Fletcher

Recent winner of GSN’s “Skin Wars” Natalie is currently planning an across the country road trip body art project “100 Bodies Across America“. Starting in March 2015 she’ll be painting 2 paintings in each state. If you would like to be a part of this project go to the contact page and message Natalie your ideas.

Natalie Fletcher on Skin Wars

Natalie Fletcher was born in Texas in 1985.  A young Natalie realized, around the age of 5, that drawing was a lot more interesting than Math class, and so it started.  Around the age of 15 she discovered paint.  Little did she know her future and all of her clothes would be covered in it. Natalie moved to Oregon from Texas in 2006 to attend a painting school in Ashland. Oregon had beautiful scenery, a healthy culture and an  outlook of which she took a liking to immediately.

In 2010, after graduating from an intense 4-year program, she was presented with a question most people in their mid-twenties are presented with… Now What? What ever she was going to do, she knew it wasn’t going to be in Ashland. So, in 2011 she made a Pin-Up Girl calendar to raise some funds to move. Something about central Oregon was calling to her, so she and her partner moved to Bend. Attempting to find a job, Natalie came across an ad for a body painter. Having little to no experience … she applied. When they requested that she send images of previous work she thought, ” Oh crap, I better paint some bodies!” So she did. She painted 4 bodies, including her own, in a week and sent off the pictures – crossing her fingers. She got the job! After that job, Natalie realized how much she loved it! She loved the interactions and the excitement of painting a human. It was new and fresh and unlike painting on canvas, not a lot of people were doing it in central Oregon. So there it is – Natalie’s risk lead her to finding a passion, and this is just the beginning.