Half Way Point, No Turning Back!

I have officially hit the half way point!! It almost feels strange to look back at my photos and journals and see everything thats happened, and think that its only been 100 days. As silly as this sounds, it feels like a lifetiime. I wonder how I ever had 9-5 job, health benefits, a “regular spot”. My life is the furthest from routine its ever been. Everyday is different, and not just different, COMPLETELY different. New people new places, new beer, new food, new stories, shower or no shower, bad weather or gorgeous weather (there doesn’t ever seem to be an inbetween). I am filled with so much gratitude for what not only friends and family have bestowed upon me, but aquantinces, friends of friends, and yes, even complete strangers. I was going through photos and video footage this morning and completely broke down in tears. How was I able to do this so far? What keeps me going is everyone else. Some days I’d love to eat pizza, watch tv and sleep…. but I keep going…. maybe I’ll take a day off in September. I have not only been doing my project, but I’ve been working as well. I have parked my van 5 times to fly for jobs and then come back and pick right back up. When I read that I sound like a lunatic. One of the coolest jobs I had the privilage of doing is painting Rebecca Romijn

.rebecca roms Not only is she a stellar model, but she’s and incredible human being, and funny as fuck! I aslo flew to Phoenix for a Dish Network Convention, it was so fun. I was able to bring my own model so I brought the oh so talented Jess Noel, who just so happens to be my sister 🙂

poopoo dish 4

And the most bizzare job I’ve had is a Japanese Television Show! They flew a crew here from Tokyo just to film me! I felt so honored. Now though it was a very long and challengeing few days. It was and incredible expirence and I’ll never forget it. One person that kept me sane was my assistant Sheila Logan from She was a complete pleasure to work with, and my total saving grace! Not only can she paint, but she really cares about the models and me. On stressful jobs like that its so nice to have a calm sweet helping hand.

20150516_212506 (1)

Its been great! I’m currently in TN on my way to Nashville, where I’ll fly out to NYC for a few days to be Creative Director for a body art fashion show!


Love love love!!

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