It’s Freaking Freezing!!!!!

The answer is Yes! Its fucking cold!! Is that stopping me? No way… but the biggest surprise is that its not stopping my models either! These have been some of the most amazing determined courageous people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. This blows any “chilly studio” outta the water. I knew that starting my project in Feb in order to finish by September was going to be hard, but I had no idea!! The tough part is I’m on a schedule and the show must go on. But I’ve been blown away by the fact that not a single model has cancelled on me due to weather. BADASSES! We’re talkin 40s and below, rain, high winds, it even snowed the other day. But with breaks, bathrobes, and shorter than average paint jobs we’ve managed to get it done. If one person mentions the lack of perfection in these paint jobs I might have to slap them, because these models are tough, and this painter cares about how long they sit or stand in the cold or the rain. All in all looking forward to June and July, but MAD respect for my models, all of them are my heroes!

kirstin cold smallermary and paul cold smaller

chris andsyad cold smaller cold brandon smaller

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